Honestly I think the term trope is overused to the point where it has becoming meaningless at this point. If you go to the TV Tropes website, they mention dozens and dozens of tropes with every single show, focusing on every minor thing that some other show has done before. Like just go look up Breaking Bad or Mad Men or any other show that most consider to be great..

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iphone 7 case But do homeopaths only rely on natural substances, or might, as soon as some folate antagonist or TNF alpha monoclonal antibody becomes available, do provings on it and add it to their lists of remedies? Would homeopathic doses of cisplatin be good for nausea? What about newly discovered natural sources? I tell you that I was righteously annoyed when the giant squid was superceded by the colossal squid, only recently found (I had an Invisible Playmate of a floating giant squid when i was around 4). Did anyone try to do a proving with Supersquid to find out what symptoms it might produce? I'm really curious about this there's lots of talk about trials where homeopathic remedies challenge medical ones furry phone case, but do homeopaths themselves try for improving their remedies, doing efficacy comparisons, etc.? No comparison with medicine just evidence based homeopathy, homeopathic new drugs, etc. Do you have any sense that this goes on? Howard C. iphone 7 case

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